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Only 1 in 10 finance & accounting professionals inherently possess the relationship-building skills needed to successfully engage and manage a high performing work team.

Fortunately, the other 9 can successfully advance their careers by learning, practising, and mastering these skills.

For over 20 years, top performing professionals have been applying the skills taught in the Cooperative Action™ Professional Mastery Program to:

  • Take greater control over their careers.
  • Engage employees and improve team performance. 
  • Better communicate and achieve buy-in to their ideas.
  • Increase their effectiveness as a manager of other people.
  • Stand up to that bully boss or coworker.
  • Become a more trusted and respected professional.

The quality of your professional relationships is crucial to your professional performance. The Cooperative Action™ Professional Mastery Program was created to teach finance and accounting professionals how to achieve new heights in these relationships.

This amazing program includes:

  • Full access to the Cooperative Action: Professional Mastery Program™ sessions online, including 24 foundational and application lessons and all program materials.
  • A 73-page coaching guide that guides you through your mastery process.
  • A complimentary copy of our book, "Workplace Wisdom: An Uncommon Common Sense Approach To Creating Amazing Workplace Relationships" that will further help you to master the Law of Cooperative Action in your life.

Companies have paid up to $250,000 to provide these invaluable lessons to their employees because they KNOW how critical relationships are to business. Now, as a dedicated reader of Canadian Accountant, you can master these skills at an exclusive discounted price.

Stop feeling FRUSTRATED. Stop settling for less than you DESERVE. Take the first step towards reaching your potential, and helping others reach theirs, by becoming the master of your own professional life!


Gavin Rouble MA CPA CMA Co-founder, The 2% Factor