Mastering Leadership


Battlefield To Boardroom: How To Become A Leader In A Sea Of Managers...

The world is full of managers who will never become the trusted and respected leaders they desperately want to be. Why? Because they have failed to master the human skills that define great leaders. From this incredible leadership resource, you will discover:

  • Why so many managers fail to become recognized as "leaders"
  • Why knowing "what" leadership skill to use is less important that "how" to use it
  • The difference between being a manager and leader
  • How to become a recognized leader using the proper skills in the proper way!

Mastering Workplace Relationships


Workplace Wisdom: 25 Ways To Significantly Improve Workplace Relationships...

The average adult spends over half of their waking hours at work each day. That's an awful lot of time to be miserable simply because you don't know how to neutralize the bad behaviour of coworkers. This guide provides insight into how to apply the Law of Cooperative Action to a variety of common real-world workplace scenarios.

This guide illustrates 25 different ways to:

  • Effectively deal with difficult co-workers and staff
  • Improve communication with managers, customers, and coworkers
  • Minimize workplace, department, or team conflict by following a few simple steps

Mastering the Art of Neutralization



An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Similarly, preventing workplace conflict is far more effective and efficient than trying to resolve it after it has taken root. This is the power of "neutralization". Learn how to prevent issues, arguments, and offensive behaviours from turning into conflict that needs to be resolved.

In this guide, you will discover:

  • Why so few techniques that focus on resolving conflict after the fact actually achieve sustainable, long-term change.
  • What NEUTRALIZATION is and how it works.
  • How anybody can use NEUTRALIZATION to prevent conflict with others, regardless of where the problem lies.
  • Our easy-to-understand "10 Steps to Neutralization" process.

Mastering Respectful Workplace Conduct


Cooperative Action CREDO: A Framework For Amazing Workplace Conduct

Create positive change in how employees work with one another using the same principles of personal mastery that have already helped thousands of people live a happier, more fulfilling life by regaining control over how they act and react to the people and world around them.

As a framework for workplace conduct, The Cooperative Action Credo: 

  • Provides managers and employees with a highly effective, easy to follow code of conduct that any employee can follow
  • Improves communication in the workplace - between employees, management, and customers
  • Increases levels of trust, respect, and confidence that are critical to employee and team success

Start each workday reviewing "The Credo" with employees to reinforce it as a code of acceptable workplace conduct and marvel at the changes you will see.


Mastering The Management of Others


Managing Without Conflict: 4 Lessons In Good Management From "Leave It To Beaver"

In this informative and though-provoking report, you will learn:

  • A key mistake many managers make when interacting with employees
  • A simple way to prevent false rumours and gossip in the workplace
  • Why managers need to remember what it was like BEFORE they became a manager
  • How to increase the likelihood that your employees will be honest with you
  • The single most important step managers need to take when dealing with workplace conflict but rarely do.

Whoever said you couldn't learn anything from tv....Click to download.


Mastering Self-Awareness


6 Steps To Blast Past Unhealthy Management Practices

In this eye-opening management guide, you will learn:

  • How YOUR behaviour may be one of the greatest obstacles impeding employee performance and you may not even be aware of it
  • What types of management practices are considered "unhealthy";
  • The ESSENTIAL 6 step process, involving 6 reflective questions, that EVERY manager should learn and use to ensure they aren't an obstacle to their employees' effectiveness and performance!

NOTE: Only professionals that are prepared to take an honest look at themselves, their beliefs, and their behaviour should download this report.


Mastering Uncertainty


Unexpected Detours: 5 Lessons On How To Stay Calm When Facing Uncertainty

In this stress-reducing guide, you will discover:

  • Why it is so important to stay in control of your reactions to uncertain, unexpected, and adverse circumstances
  • What it means to "be in control without being controlling" and why it is so important to your success
  • How to prevent the stress, worry, or tension often caused by unexpected events from ruining your day
  • How to ensure you always get the most fulfillment from everything you experience
  • How to guarantee that you will successfully make it through any challenge you face without it negatively affecting your life