Be in control of your life. Stop waiting for others and the world to change before you start living life on your own terms. You don't need their permission, you just need to TAKE ACTION.


Personal Mastery Program

The Law of Cooperative Action™ Personal Mastery Program was created for people who feel like someone or something else is controlling their life, preventing them from living the life they want and deserve. It was designed for people who feel stuck where they are and don’t know how to take back ownership and control over their life, their relationships, and their circumstances. If you want to start experiencing life on your own terms again, this is the program for you!

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Professional Mastery Program

The average person will spend 90,000 hours of their life at work over the course of their career. The Law of Cooperative Action™ Professional Mastery Program was created for people who want to make the most of their 90,000 hours by neutralizing conflict with coworkers and bullying by bosses or by being a more trusted and respected manager and leader. If your job, your boss, or your workplace is a significant source of stress for you, this program is a must-have tool for you.   

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Workplace Wisdom Seminars

This seminar series, based on our top selling book, was created for the workplace to help managers, workers, professionals, and volunteers work better together by having a better day at work. This series includes 3 distinct seminar opportunities, all centred around teaching organizations how to use The Law of Cooperative Action™ to improve performance by improving the quality of the interactions and relationships that occur between individual employees. 

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The Workplace Wisdom Book

In today’s workplaces, one thing more than any other unites employees: everyone has a story...about an abusive boss or a deceitful coworker or an offensive colleague. This book examines many such stories and applies an innovative, common sense approach to resolving them. You will learn that by embracing 6 easy to understand principles anyone can neutralize the source of the difficulties they encounter at work, and home, so that they are able to let go of their stories and move on.

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Cooperative Action Intervention

At the heart of Cooperative Action™ is individual accountability and ownership. This makes a Cooperative Action™ Intervention the ideal solution when the actions or behaviour of a small number of people disrupts the workplace and introduces dysfunction. By focusing on the actions needed to move forward, the underlying source of the behaviour is neutralized in a way that minimizes any likelihood of reoccurrence. Just don't call it a "mediation" because we actually get results!

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