For over 20 years, we have taught CEOs and "Average Joes" how to create monumental improvements in their life by changing how they relate to the people and world around them using the principles of the Law of Cooperative Action™.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help people take 100% control over their lives by using the Law of Cooperative Action™ to positively affect how they perceive, act, and react to the people and situations they inevitably encounter each and every day.

Learn How 

The 2% factor’s approach should always be considered in our normal life (not just at the office but also at home). It is important to understand that the behavior of others doesn’t control us and how we react to that behavior. By knowing how to “neutralize” the 2% behavior of ourselves and others, we create better relationships, are more productive at work, and feel more in control of our day.
— Pasqualina Disirio, Country Director, UN World Food Program

What We've Helped Others Achieve

  • Better performance and productivity at work.
  • More loving relationships with spouses and children based on trust and respect.
  • Greater confidence and courage to start a business.
  • Increased respect as a manager and leader at work.
  • Greater feeling of control over one's choices and decisions.
  • Exit abusive relationships and enter positive, fulfilling ones.
  • The courage to confront a boss over mistreatment and bullying.
  • A calmer, less turbulent life where happiness and not anger is the norm.