The Law of Cooperative Action™ bridges the gap between our thoughts, actions, and results allowing us to “unstick” our life and experience it on our own terms. 


The Law of Cooperative Action™ States:

All life exists in a state of interdependence. Independence is merely the act of exerting one’s control over how one acts and reacts to his or her external circumstances.

Independence only exists within the state of interdependence.

Every independent action and reaction results in either a positive or negative affect on the external world.

By consciously affecting the external world in a positive way, because of the ever-present state of interdependence, we prevent the external world from negatively affecting us.

The 2% Factor’s Cooperative Action Program has helped me view the day to day happenings in my life through more positive and stress free way.   It made me step back and evaluate the manner in which I dealt with conflicts or disagreements, while at the same time took away a lot of negative emotions that come attached to those types of situations.  I have always been a believer that if we all took the approach of it is more important to understand than it is to be understood that our culture would be a lot more caring and accepting, I found that Cooperative Action has taught me the same thing in a different way.
— Brad Rootes