Neutralize Existing Workplace Conflict


Neutralize The Root Source of Conflict

Have you ever thought, "My workplace would be fantastic if it weren't for those one or two situations or people who can't get along, disrupt the work environment, and cause problems for the rest of the employees"?

For over 20 years, we have been helping Management and HR neutralize the complex breakdowns in workplace relationships that have resulted in disruption and conflict. When asked to deal with the problem directly, we accommodate our clients by providing both onsite and remote coaching and consulting services.

The Cooperative Action Intervention process has been proven repeatedly to be one of the most highly effective and successful approaches to arriving at a desirable, conflict-free result. The Cooperative Action Intervention is a proven approach to neutralize isolated, non-systemic, incidents of conflict and relationship breakdown in your workplace.

Tested in some of the toughest workplaces around the world, the Cooperative Action Intervention process focuses on:

  • The perspectives and needs of the employees directly involved making the need for a time-consuming and costly investigation obsolete.
  • Neutralizing the root source of the breakdown rather than passing the blame.
  • Getting employees to propose their own solution, increasing the buy-in.
  • Putting tools in place to hold employees accountable to what is agreed, whether by management, HR, or the employees themselves.

This process usually takes a couple of days and minimizes lost productivity by involving only those employees directly involved in the breakdown or conflict.

To find out if the Cooperative Action Intervention is the answer to your problem that will you to finally move forward, contact us to find out more.