What is a 2%er and why should you care? Conflict Resolution Training


"What is the 2% Factor?"

We get this question all of the time. 

And when people find out the answer...almost everyone nods in agreement and understanding.

For those who have wondered but not asked, I wanted to provide a more detailed explanation of exactly what a "2%er" is.

The term "2%er" has become central to conflict neutralization, a proactive approach to eliminating personal and professional conflict that we have helped  many companies adopt for years.

The term "2%er" was first developed in this context in the 1990's as part of a study of human behaviour and social interactions carried out by 2% Factor President, Ted Mouradian, in cooperation with Brock University.

This study revealed that there exists a group of people that have been put on this planet for no other reason than to completely mess with the rest of us.

You know who I am referring to...these are the nasty people who do nothing but cause misery and destruction wherever they go. They are the ones who are always complaining that the world owes them something and don't care who they hurt to get what they feel they deserve. 

The thing about these individuals is that they honestly believe they are right in their behaviour and they truly are blind to how their actions are affecting others.

Why 2%?

In carrying out this study,  a group of high ranking police officers were asked, "what percentage of society would pick up a gun and shoot you no matter what the rules (laws) were?" 

The average response was about 2%. 

Therefore, our definition of anything or anyone who adversely affects us is either:

  • a 2% incident;
  • a 2% person; or
  • a person exhibiting 2% behaviour.

Here is our problem as a society. 

We make the majority of our rules to respond and react to the 2% meaning we allow the 2% to govern our lives. 

For example, we have 100 km an hour speed limits because 2% can’t drive. We go through security scanners in the stores because 2% steal. Kindergarten teachers can’t hug their students because 2% molest. You won’t pick someone up on the side of the road because 2% mug. You will buy a new outfit and a thousand people will see you in it but one person will say you look fat in it and you will throw it away.

Individually, most of us don't now how to deal with the 2%ers in our life so we allow them to bully and intimidate others. 

At work, employers will send out a blanket email to everyone about an issue instead of dealing with the one or two people who are causing the problem and adversely affecting others.


2%er Vs. 2% Behaviour

It is critical to note that not everyone who appears to be a 2%er actually is. 

The key difference is that a true 2%er is someone who not only negatively affects others but is someone who will, even when aware of this, will not take responsibility for their actions. 

Now, each and every one of us, from time to time, will create a 2% incident.

We may engage in 2% behaviour and unknowingly adversely affect another person. However,  the difference between us and a true 2%er is that we will understand what we have done and we will apologize, take responsibility, and try to correct that action.

A 2%er will not!!

Many of the rules in our workplaces and communities have been implemented because of the 2%er. This is why the Personal Mastery Program is so important. It is time the 98% started to learn how to neutralize and protect ourselves from the effects of the 2%.

Instead of making excuses for the actions of the 2%, it is up to each of us to take back control over our life and tell this small group of difficult people that their behaviour is no longer going to be tolerated.

Within each of us is the power to tell them to either stop or go somewhere else.

A 2%er is a destructive force and it is time to stand up to them in order to make the workplaces, schools, and communities safe and free from bullying and harassment. 


The sad part is that 2%ers don’t know they are 2%ers (they just think they are right), and the majority of the rest of us can't tell the difference between a 2%er and a person that engages in a 2% behaviour. Here are some classic traits of a 2%er.

  1. Are you constantly in conflict with someone or something?
  2. Do you think the world is against you?
  3. Do you have a problem taking responsibility for your actions?
  4. Do you feel that no one knows what they are doing except for you?
  5. You generally don’t understand why you need to apologize for your actions because in your mind, you did nothing wrong?
  6. Do you believe others are out to get you?
  7. Is your fundamental way of being that it’s my way or the highway?
  8. Do you feel that no one understands you and that the world is changing too fast?
  9. Are you always angry and upset with how others are living their lives?
  10. Are you basically a very unhappy person?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions then you should look at how your behaviour is affecting others because you could be a 2%er.

So, there you have it. The question is, what will you do with it?

It isn't enough that you know what a 2%er is if you do nothing about them. The true value in being able to understand and identify 2% behaviour is that it allows you to begin the process of learning how to effectively deal with them.

For more information on how you can take back control over your own life, learn about our Personal Mastery Program...